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I had a planned camping trip outing with a friend one time at Flatside Pinnacle. It ended up, that we both had two completely different ideas about where each of us were going to meet the other and we completely missed one another upon arrival.

Out in the wilderness alone is definitely not something that I am unaccustomed too. As a matter of fact, I usually like to go alone, just because I love the solitude and the feeling I get of “being alive” when faced with adversity.

I decided to stay the night in the bowl of Flatside Pinnacle where I’ve passed a campfire ring many times before, but had never stopped. This time, I stopped. It was a long afternoon of contemplation and enjoying my own company. In other words, it was pretty boring. On top of that, the sunset that evening was fairly lackluster.

I didn’t have a single good photograph to show from my trip and I needed one. The day was gone, but the night was just beginning, and it was beginning to get very cold! I broke out the flint and steel and sparked a fire that would rage well into that evening. Sitting beside the campfire, reveling in it’s enduring warmth, I decided what my photograph would be from that trip.

It would be of the campfire that would keep me warm throughout that night.

I grabbed my 5D, popped the 70-200mm lens on and started taking photos. At first they were horrible, there was absolutely nothing special about freezing the flame and capturing a fire that had no life to it.

But… this fire was alive, and I had to capture it’s essence. So, I took the method I use for my waterfall photography and applied it to the campfire. Stopping the lens down to F9 and exposing a little longer, I motioned the camera in a flowing line as the shot was exposed. Out came one of the most beautiful abstract fire shots I’ve ever seen.

To this day I haven’t seen one as good, and I’ve tried to capture them plenty of times on other trips.

That fire burned well into the night and will now continue burning well beyond my lifetime through a photograph that I captured that very cold night on Flatside Pinnacle.

Do you have any epic stories from your camping trips? Maybe something that went unexpected but turned out to be a great adventure? Let’s here it!

Side Note: This makes an absolutely stellar print, and hangs on the wall in my living room. Definitely one of my favorite prints!