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This was the epitome of the trip, this was the reason for coming.

We had planned it all out, we were to drive through the Rio Puerco Valley and up a hill opposite of the sunset and capture what would be the most epic eclipse I have ever seen, an annular solar eclipse.

An annular solar eclipse is when the moon fully eclipses the sun but leaves a ring left in the sky. So what you get is a burning ring of fire. The entire landscape is darkened eerily as well, so the cameras go nuts trying to expose for such a dramatic change in light. It’s an amazing thing to witness, and we were in prime location to capture some absolutely stunning photographs of it.

Perched high up on a hill on the opposite side of the valley from Cabezon, the large peak in right frame, we watched the entire eclipse play out before our eyes. It was amazing.

It was well worth all the driving, exploring, adventuring, the days before. It was worth it in itself to drive out to witness this event. If we had done nothing else the entire trip I would have come back happy.

Viewing cars drive across the Rio Puerco Valley in front of Cabezon gave everything some fantastic scale. Capturing the events with camera is one thing, but being there to witness the events take place in front of my very eyes; I would never take it back.

I can’t wait to have the opportunity to get out west again.

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