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The waterfall known as the Glory Hole in northwest Arkansas is an incredibly popular spot. Most likely because it is such a unique waterfall. Over time the waterfall wore a hole in the overhang on which it poured off and eventually that hole made it’s way through the overhang. So now the Glory Hole spills through a hole in the roof of a unique outcropping.

The waterfall is also very easy to get to which is another reason it is so popular. For directions, check out this map, just use the get directions link on the left to find your way there.

I recommend it as a great short hike if you’re in the area, but it may not be worth the drive if you’re JUST visiting the Glory Hole. Luckily, it’s right near Boxley Valley and many other beautiful trails in the state. So if you’re headed there anyways, you might as well check them out!

Anyways, so you’re probably wondering, why drive 100 miles just to see a tiny waterfall with a leaf? Well, this particular shot, while photographed AT the Glory Hole, isn’t the Glory Hole itself. I actually found a really cool little scene which I decided to capture. As a matter of fact, after 3 visits to the Glory Hole, I have yet to get a shot I’m proud of from there. (shame on me!)

I hope that you enjoy this shot from around the Glory Hole, and if you’re interested in seeing the actually Glory Hole, here’s a great post about it! (Also has directions)

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