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The Two Rivers Bridge in West Little Rock connects the main land to Two Rivers Park which is located at the confluence of the Little Maumelle River and the Arkansas River, hence the name “Two Rivers.”

Two Rivers park is a tract of land owned by the city of Little Rock and Pulaski County. Before the bridge was built it was a more secluded popular place for nature hikers to enjoy a hike through a peninsula between the two rivers. Although it still acts as a great place to hike in a natural setting it is now much more accessible and therefore more widely used by the people of Little Rock and surrounding cities.

This particular evening fell on a certain time of year when the sun sets directly over Pinnacle Mountain, which can be viewed from the bridge. This event only happens twice a year and both times occur in the summer time.

I waited long after the sun had already set to capture the after-set light, it was absolutely amazing. Before this photo a huge storm had moved over my head and dumped a ton of rain, which I endured to grab this shot and a few other great ones from this evening.

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