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We had planned to go water falling, but upon checking the weather (as we were getting in the car) plans changed dramatically.

Weather in Waldron, Arkansas was to be sunny all day. I’ve hiked into places many times before, taken photos super early, and then hiked out before 10, but I just wasn’t feeling it this time around.

The area I was to go to was Rock Creek, and I wanted to explore the creek all day.

Plans change sometimes, and maybe sometimes it’s for the better. I already knew that Brian Cormack was heading up north. He had checked the weather for the Mt. Judea area and noticed fog was in the workings. So that was his plan. Ours fell out, so we joined along for his trip and played catch-up since he had a 45 minute lead on us.

After stopping for gas and refueling at Sonic, little did we know we were on our way towards one amazing sunset…

Want to see more? Check out Brian’s photographs here: Brian Cormack – Sam’s Throne I gotta say, I’m just a tad jealous. I now wish I would have kept driving and tried to make it to Sam’s Throne on time, he definitely lucked out with some amazing fog on top of an already amazing sunset.

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