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Thick snow and ice can’t keep me from hiking up a mountain to enjoy a beautiful sunrise over the Flatside Wilderness. Unlike Flatside Pinnacle, you would never know this spot was here unless you stopped your vehicle next to an unsuspecting hill and hiked to the top, which is exactly what Matt Kennedy and his brother did one day. Since then, Matt has let me in on the little secret and it’s become another amazing spot to shoot from, just west of Little Rock.

This particular morning he and I met super early to hike to the top and do some general romping around the Flatside Wilderness after we received a decent snow the week before. The sunrise itself was fairly lackluster; there were no clouds to be found. So I zoomed in on the detail in the contours of the hills and captured this scene. It’s a great reminder of how cold it was that morning before the landscape warmed up to the rising sun.

The funny story from this trip (I tend to have one from each) is that I pulled a bit too far off the road into the snow and got my Jeep stuck in some thick snow and mud. Luckily, Matt and I were driving separate vehicles and he was able to easily pull me right out. Of course, to this day, he won’t let me live it down. Hopefully, he won’t see this and remind me of the tragedy, haha!

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