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After our visit to Falling Water Road and Falls, we headed around the long way to Hill Cemetery; the temporary best access to the Twin Falls of Richland while the campground was closed. Which, luckily, is now open again after a long 5 years.

We set up camp and hunkered down for a long night, in the rain. Even after all the rain, Matt and I got a humble fire started and it provided some fantastic warmth into the darkness of the night. We stayed up until around 9:45, which was almost 3 hours after the sun had finally set. The temperature got down to around 35 degrees where we were camping, but the warmth from the small fire kept the cold from chilling the bones. On an earlier backpacking trip I had learned of a cool trick, boiling water and thereafter placing it at the bottom of the sleeping bag. Matt and I didn’t have anything to boil the water in so we sat the bottles close to the fire. Over the course of 3 hours they heated up quite nicely and provided some great warmth in the sleeping bags.

We awoke the next morning to a much calmer creek which was finally fordable. So, we forded and headed up to the Twin Falls. After the short hike they came into view in all their majesty, with beautiful fall color and perfect water. You couldn’t ask for better conditions at such a beautiful place.

I’m hoping this year will shape up to be similar to this, it would be great to see these falls like this again.