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If you haven’t noticed yet, this month we’ve been featuring beautiful photos of Autumn from the Ouachita and Ozark regions of Arkansas. Fall is upon us now and within the next week or so the peak color will be all over the state. Due to weekends being fairly booked, I’ve yet to really get out and enjoy our state’s fall colors. I’m really hoping they stick around for another couple of weeks so that I can really take the time to get out and photograph the trees.

The past few years we’ve had a relatively quick fall season. This one in particular, Brian Cormack and I left on a whim one weekend in 2011 (around this time actually) and caught the trees in perfect peak color. We overheard Jasper natives saying that this was the best color they had seen in years, and Brian and I couldn’t agree more. Luckily, it was slightly raining while we were there as well, so the colors were absolutely saturated. We really couldn’t have been there at a more opportune time to capture the color of the trees.

On our way around the area, we stopped at the Parker Hickman Farmstead, a popular spot for Brian and I. I had never walked down the Buffalo River Trail at this particular spot before, so I decided I would this time around. It paid off, because the light was amazing along the old road which the trail traverses.

I hope you enjoy this wallpaper and have a wonderful Halloween this year!

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