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The past few months I have been hard at work on my next web endeavor. It’s a website to bring people and waterfalls together. We have these great guidebooks that can help lead the way to these beautiful places, but their upkeep is difficult, lugging them around without damage is a pain, you have to buy one every other year, and new waterfalls are found on a daily basis! As of yet, nowhere on the internet are you able to easily view information regarding waterfalls and then get directions on how to see them!

People ask every single day on the waterfalls page on Facebook where to find this waterfall or that waterfall, are the waterfalls running, how difficult of a hike is it, can I drive my Bentley there, etcetera? Why hasn’t this been thought of before? Well, it has now and I’m developing the site as we speak.

There are some great features which try and answer all the questions people have about waterfalls. The usual suspects like how tall, gps coordinates, difficulty, and directions. Not only that, we are going above and beyond to bring a feature you’ll find nowhere else, the ability to see detailed precipitation data for each and every single waterfall! Want to know how much rain a particular area has received in the past week, 24 hours, or 3 hours? You can do that now.

You can finally make an educated guess about which waterfalls will be running the best without all the hassle of pulling out GRLevel3′s, Underground Weather Sites, and NOAA’s.

Want to get detailed conditions for the roads? Well, you can’t do that, but people can easily go and comment on each individual waterfall to keep everyone up to speed!

Whether it requires a lifted Jeep with 4wd or you can drive your Bentley to the waterfall, you’ll be able to get detailed google directions for both with each and every waterfall listed.

I’m excited to be working on a project like this, because once it’s live it’s something I’ll use quite often for making decisions on where to go shoot. Something which, quite frankly, has been a pain in the butt.

I hope you are just as excited about such a resource! If you’re interested in viewing a cool one page layout I made for the launch of the site you can do so at:

Make sure you subscribe while you’re there! That way you’ll be the first to know when we go live.

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