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Last weekend Matt Kennedy and I visited a not often hiked area, an area just west of the East Fork Wilderness to the north of Morrilton.

The Middle Fork Illinois Bayou runs directly between Old Highway 27 and the new highway. In spots the highways are only within 3 miles of each other. So, our plan was to shuttle a vehicle around from one highway to the other, hike down one side of the Bayou and then up and out of the other. The entire purpose of the trip was to just finally get out and enjoy the great spring weather we’ve been having lately, as well as try and find a few waterfalls.

Luckily, we did find a few, but really nothing to write home about. However, the area we hiked was absolutely gorgeous, and one that really makes me want to purchase a kayak to further explore. The upper part of the Middle Fork is easily accessible by vehicle, as is the lower where it enters the Illinois Bayou at highway 27. Floating this area would be absolutely beautiful during this time of year!

That’s the sole reason I wanted to feature this image this week, because it shows the beauty of the Middle Fork at the area we crossed. Looking down this corridor of water really made we want to float and enjoy a bit of fishing from this beautiful pool.

This fall would be a beautiful time to float it, maybe I’ll have a kayak by then?

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