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Last weekend the waterfalls weren’t the only thing looking good. The color up in the higher elevations is beginning to take hold as well as next to the creeks. We happened upon this really interesting bluff line high up on top of Milsaps Knob, a ridge running adjacent to Parker Ridge, or the road that runs down to the Big Piney from Deer, Arkansas.

It was an incredibly scenic drive with Mill Creek and Hurricane Creek running nearby. Every once in a while you could see out past the trees to the opposite hillside and see spotty fall color just starting to catch on. I’m not sure when peak color will take hold, but I imagine it will fall within the next couple of weeks.

I hope you have the opportunity to get out and camp in this amazing weather we have been having lately! This weekend was definitely a window open kind of weekend and we had all the windows open up here on Sunset Lane!