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A few weekends ago my friend Matthew Kennedy and I used WaterfallsIO exclusively (no guidebook in tow) to search out a few waterfalls. With the website in hand we were able to explore over 8 falls in one day, Murray Creek Falls being one of them. I’ve spent the last 2 years of my life dedicating my free time to creating a resource for waterfall hunters to visit these beautiful places and I would have to say it has paid off big. Not only for myself, but I have received such great feedback so far! I’m really excited about the future of WaterfallsIO and have been extremely surprised by how well it has been received by the waterfall hunting community.

If you would like directions to Murray Creek Falls a waterfall near Hagarville, Arkansas then visit Waterfalls.IO and become a member. You won’t regret it.

Murray Creek Falls – Arkansas