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Matthew Kennedy and I planned a camping trip this past weekend to search a hollow for a waterfall. Not only did we find the waterfall, but it was running fantastically! Unfortunately, the pour-off was almost impossible to photograph, so I walked away with only a crappy iPhone shot of it. However, we had also planned to explore a bluff line near the Nars and found it to be quite the view.

It was absolutely breathtaking. We had made comments the day prior hoping for some fog in the valley and upon waking up at 2AM I was sorely disappointed. Not a cloud in site. However, around 5 I re-awoke and was extremely surprised to see a valley full of fog. It looked absolutely incredible!

This shot was captured around 30 minutes before sunrise with the very blue/purplish tint still hanging about from the earth’s shadow and shows almost exactly the view I could see from my tent. It was a great spot to camp, that’s putting it lightly!

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